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BrandBovie Medical
Product CodeAB-DERM-102
AvailabilityUsually ships in 3-4 business days
MSRP : $850.00
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Product Description

Bovie Derm 102 10W DESSICATOR w/BIPOLAR, DERM 102

The Derm 102 High Frequency Desiccator offers ten watts of monopolar power and bipolar, adjustable in 1/10th watt increments, to desiccate and fulgurate tissue. The power can be adjusted using the 3-Button Power Control Handpiece (A902) or using the rotary dial on the unit. The unit features a large, bright, LED display for excellent visibility across the procedure room. If foot control activation is preferred while using the Derm 101, just plug in the A803 Bovie Footswitch (sold separately) and activate. No separate handpiece is required.

For the practitioner utilizing bipolar electrosurgery, Bovie offers the Derm 102 High Frequency Desiccator with 10 watts of bipolar power, adjustable in 1/10th watt increments. To utilize this feature the A827V* bipolar cable, a bipolar forcep* and footswitch activation are required.

Both the Derm 101 and Derm 102 are packaged ready to use. The units come with a total of 18 disposable dermal tips. By the time the practitioners utilizes all 18 electrodes, they will have paid for the unit, twice, and generated income for their practice.

NOTE:We are an authorized distributor of Aaron - Bovie Electrosurgical Equipment and Accessories. We are located in Long Island New York. If you can not find any Bovie product on our website, please contact us for pricing and availability. Our phone numbers are toll free 1-888-822 3336 or 631-803 2694. You can also send us an email to or simply click on the "Ask Question" button under the product image on every product detail page. We will reply your inquiries as quickly as possible...


  • Dessication, fulguration, bipolar capable
  • Compact, small foot print, light weight
  • Large easy to read led display
  • 10W High Frequency with 1/10th increments
  • Variety of Bovie accessories


Bovie Derm 101/102 Specifications DERM 101 DERM 102
Power 10W 10W
Desiccation x x
Fulguration x x
Bipolar (utilizes A827V * bipolar cable) x
1/10th Watt Power Adjustment x x
Universal Power x x
Foot Control Setup (utilizes A803* footswitch) 1 step 1 step
Foot Control - Handpiece Required no no

Packaging Content

  • Derm 102 Unit
  • A902 - 3-Button Power Control & Autoclavable Handpiece
  • A804 - Sharp Dermal Tips, Non-Sterile (5ea)
  • A805 - Sharp Dermal Tips, Sterile (2ea)
  • A806 - Blunt Dermal Tips, Non-Sterile (5ea)
  • A807 - Blunt Dermal Tips, Sterile (2ea)
  • A806DE - Derm-Elite™ Premium Blunt Dermal Tip, Non-Sterile (2ea)
  • A807DE - Derm-Elite™ Premium Blunt Dermal Tip, Sterile (2ea)
  • A910 - Disposable Handpiece Sheath, Non Sterile (2ea)
  • A837 - Wall Mount Kit (1ea)
  • Medical Grade Power Cord
  • User Manual (CD Format)

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