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Bovie Specialist | PRO 120W Electrosurgical Total System w/Smoke Evacuator, A1250S-G

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Bovie Specialist | PRO 120W Electrosurgical Total System w/Smoke Evacuator, A1250S-G
BrandBovie Medical
Product CodeAB-A1250S-G
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MSRP : $7,942.76
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Product Description

Bovie Specialist | PRO 120W Electrosurgical Complete System for ObGyn, A1250S-G

Capabilities;Cuting, Blending, Coagulation, Fulguration, Bipolar | Includes Smoke Shark SEII Smoke Evacuator + Stand

The Bovie Specialist | PRO obGyn package is a cost effective solution for specialty clinics that's offered with the powerful Specialist PRO generator, smoke evacuator and the stand. The Bovie® Specialist|PRO is the affordable solution for the busy physician office or specialty facility. The multi-purpose unit features a modern push button design and is capable of most monopolar and bipolar surgical procedures. The Specialist|PRO offers 5 energy outputs with up to 120 watts of power; modalities include Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration and Standard Bipolar.

The unit is designed with dependable safety features like BovieNEM pad sensing technology, Digital error detection, audible alert tones and self-test circuits. The Bovie® Specialist|PRO satisfies the physician’s electrosurgical needs with safety, reliability and convenience.

The Specialist|PRO offers 5 common energy outputs controlled by the new sleek, push-button design, with up to 120 watts of power. The modalities include Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration and Standard Bipolar. Industry-standard connections allow for use of a variety of monopolar and bipolar accessories providing energy versatility across a variety of specialties such as OBGYN, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, ER and more. Bovie NEM™ neutral electrode monitoring increases patient safety by ensuring proper pad connectivity during procedures. The Bovie Specialist|PRO is backed by the unmatched 4-year manufacturer warranty, offered only by Bovie.

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  • Large illuminated digital displays
  • Ample raised push button power-controls provide rapid power adjustments.
  • Five Output Modes:Cut (120 Watts), Blend (90 Watts), Coagulation (80 Watts), Fulguration (40 Watts), Bipolar (30 Watts)
  • Self-test circuits
  • Audible tones
  • Discreet outputs (FCFS™ - First Come First Served)
  • Isolated circuitry
  • BovieNEM™ (Neutral Electrode Monitoring)
  • Digital Error Detection


Specifications for Bovie A1250S Specialist | Pro
Dimensions Output Power Output Frequency Line Frequency
Height 15.2cm (6in) Cut 120 Watts 350-600kHz 50-60Hz
Width 26cm (10.25in) Blend 90Watts (60%Cut, 40% Coag.)
Depth 30.5cm (12in) Coagulation 80 Watts
Weight <6.5kg (<14lbs) Fulguration 40 Watts Line Voltage Warranty
Bipolar 30 Watts 100-240VAC 4 Years
Specifications for Bovie Smoke Shark SEII
Dimensions and Weight Line Voltage Line Frequency
Width 27.9 cm (11") SE02: 100/120 VAC 50-60 Hz
Height 15.2 cm (6") SE02-220: 220/240 VAC
Depth 39.4 cm (15.5") Warranty 2 Years
Weight 4.3 kg (10 lbs.)

Packaging Content

  • A1250S – 120 watt electrosurgical unit
  • ESP1 – (1 ea.) Sterile, Disposable, Electrosurgical Push Button Pencil
  • ES01 – (1 ea.) Sterile, Disposable Blade Electrode
  • ES02 – (1 ea.) Sterile, Disposable Needle Electrode
  • ES20 – (1 ea.) Sterile, Disposable Ball Electrode
  • ESRE – (5 ea.) Split Disposable Return Electrode, Non Corded
  • A1252C – (1) Reusable Grounding Cable
  • 110 VAC Hospital Grade Power Cord or 220 VAC Hospital Grade Power Cord
  • User’s Guide (MC-55-237-001)
  • Smoke Shark SEII Smoke Evacuator
  • Filter, Hose and Pneumatic Footswitch
  • Rolling Stand

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