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Scilogex High Performance Serological Pipets

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Scilogex High Performance Serological Pipets
Product CodeSGX-2507631
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Product Description

Scilogex High Performance Serological Pipets

SCILOGEX disposable Serological Pipets are manufactured from optically clear polystyrene in a class 100,000 clean room. The 1ml, 2ml and 5ml are a one piece construction and the 10ml, 25ml and 50ml pipets are made with a durable ultrasonically welded 3 piece construction.

SCILOGEX pipets are printed with bold clear bi-directional graduations and markings. Graduations are calibrated for accurate dispensing to within ±2%. The pipets include color coded stripes for quick volume identification. The upgraded plug is a premium material creating a filter barrier, performing better than standard cotton plugs. All pipets are Gamma irradiation sterilized, RNase-free, DNase-free, DNA-free, and Non-pyrogenic.

Pipets are individually wrapped in sterile, easy to open paper/plastic packaging. Individual wrapped packaging includes color coded print and large volume numerals for quick and easy volume identification. All individually packaged SCILOGEX Pipets are packaged in convenient color coded shelf packs that facilitate dispensing through a perforated end panel. Each pipet wrapper includes the lot number. SCILOGEX also offers Serological Pipets in a bulk packaging. These pipets are packed 50 per bag in 1 and 2 mL sizes and 25 per bag in 5, 10 and 25mL sizes and 45 per bag in the 50ml size.

Cat. No. Description Packaging Capacity Graduation Color Code Pack Qty Case Qty
2507631 Pipet 1ml Individually wrapped Bag 1ml 1/100ml Yellow 100 800
2507632 Pipet 2ml Individually wrapped Bag 2ml 1/50ml Green 100 600
2507633 Pipet 5ml Individually wrapped Bag 5ml 1/10ml Blue 50 200
2507634 Pipet 10ml Individually wrapped Bag 10ml 1/10ml Orange 50 200
2507635 Pipet 25ml Individually wrapped Bag 25ml 2/10ml Red 50 200
2507636 Pipet 50ml Individually wrapped Bag 50ml 5/10ml Purple 30 90
2507637 Pipet 1ml Bulk Pack Bag 1ml 1/100ml Yellow 50/Bag 1000
2507638 Pipet 2ml Bulk Pack Bag 2ml 1/50ml Green 50/Bag 800
2507639 Pipet 5ml Bulk Pack Bag 5ml 1/10ml Blue 25/Bag 500
2507640 Pipet 10ml Bulk Pack Bag 10ml 1/10ml Orange 25/Bag 500
2507641 Pipet 25ml Bulk Pack Bag 25ml 2/10ml Red 25/Bag 200
2507642 Pipet 50ml Bulk Pack Bag 50ml 5/10ml Purple 25/Bag 200
* All Serological Pipets are supplied sterile (gamma irradiated) and packaged in a paper/plastic wrapper.

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  • Bi-directional graduations are printed in bold easy-to-read black ink
  • Calibrated “To Deliver” (TD) for accurate dispensing to within ±2%
  • Color coded stripes and packaging enable quick volume identification
  • All pipets contain a premium material filter plug
  • Individually wrapped pipets are available in economical bags or shelf packs that facilitate dispensing through a perforated end panel
  • Bulk packed pipets are also available in all sizes
  • All serological pipets are supplied sterile (gamma irradiated)

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