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Portable Dry Ice Makers

The portable dry ice maker from Scilogex outclasses other models on the market. It is the fastest way of manufacturing dry ice for the laboratory, generating approximately 1 kg of solid CO2 in just 1 minute. The dry ice is therefore available ‘on-tap’, and always accessible whenever it is needed in the laboratory. Such immediate access to dry ice can offer considerable cost savings in the laboratory. Our dry-ice maker is safe and simple to use and requires no electrical power. The unit is simply attached to a cylinder of compressed liquid CO2 via a hose with an internal siphon and valve. Because the dry-ice maker creates one solid block of solid carbon dioxide weighing approximately 1 kg, the carbon dioxide sublimates slowly because of the relatively small surface area. The Scilogex dry-ice maker also has the advantage of portability; being compact and lightweight, and easily transported to wherever it is needed.
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  • Scilogex DILVAC Portable Dry Ice Maker, 300001
    MFR#: SGX-300001

    Scilogex DILVAC Portable Dry Ice Maker with steel pressure hose and gas pressure guage, 300001. The DILVAC Portable Dry-Ice Maker is the fastest way of providing a block of Dry-Ice for your needs. It is compact and lightweight, requires no electrical ...

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    MSRP: $1,455.03

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