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Scilogex Vortex Mixers

The vortex mixers from Scilogex are both compact and stable, meaning that they require only a small amount of laboratory space. The small size allows these portable vortex mixers also to be easily transported from one location to another for greater convenience. A fixed-speed vortex mixer is available which provides movement at 2500 rpm, a standard setting for many applications. If greater variability is required, the variable speed vortex mixer can be used, which offers a full range of speeds from 0 to 2500 rpm. Both models have an electronic speed control to ensure the same speed is maintained at all times, even during changes of load. The orbital diameter of both models is 4 mm, providing an effective and efficient mixing vortex inside the sample. A wide range of accessories is available for the Scilogex vortex mixers, ensuring that almost samples in almost any vessel can be mixed using these instruments.
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