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Mettler CAVITATOR ME 6L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner w/Basket & Cover

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Mettler CAVITATOR ME 6L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner w/Basket & Cover
BrandMettler Electronics
Product CodeMETTLER-ME6L
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Product Description

Mettler CAVITATOR ME 6L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner w/Basket & Cover

The all new Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaners come in five sizes, designed to fit your cleaning needs. These cleaners generate ultrasonic waves that create millions of tiny bubbles through the process of cavitation. The bubbles gently clean and polish any surface they come in contact with, penetrating every nook and cranny to dislodge trapped dirt and debris. Medical instruments, glassware, even jewelry are quickly restored to their original lustrous finish without expending any effort. The gentle cleaning action is ideal for delicate items, too.

NOTE:We are an authorized distributor of Mettler Electronics Physical Therapy Equipment, parts and accessories. We carry the entire product line of Mettler Electronics such as Mettler Therapeutic Ultrasound Machines, Electrotherapy and Combination therapy equipment, Light Therapy Equipment, Diathermy Units, Mettler Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaners, replacement parts and accessories. We are located in Long Island New York. If you can not find any Mettler Electronics products on our website, please contact us for pricing and availability. Our phone numbers are toll free 1-888-822 3336 or 631-803 2694. You can also send us an email to or simply click on the "Ask Question" button on every product detail page. We will reply your inquiries as quickly as possible...


  • Digital timer and heater displays and controls
  • Stainless steel baskets and covers included
  • Smudge-free stainless surface on all cleaners except the 18G
  • Drain valves included on all cleaners except 3L
  • Handles on smaller cleaners for easy lifting
  • Two fixed wheels and two omni-directional wheels with locks on 18G


Mettler Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner Comparison Table
Model Capacity Internal Tank Dimensions Ultrasonic Power Heating Power Max. Temp. Drain Access. Included
ME 3L 3L/0.8Gal. 10.6 x 6.7 x 8.3" 120W 100W 20-80C No Cover & Basket
ME 6L 6L/1.6Gal. 13 x 6.7 x 10.6" 180W 200W 20-80C Yes Cover & Basket
ME 10L 10L/2.6Gal. 13 x 10.6 x 10.6" 240W 250W 20-80C Yes Cover & Basket
ME 22L 22L/5.8Gal. 21.6 x 13 x 10.6" 480W 600W 20-80C Yes Cover & Basket
ME 20G* 68L/20Gal. 21.7" x 15.7" x 13.8" 1000W 1400W 0-80C Yes Cover & Basket
*The ME20G has a 125 V 20 A, NEMA 5-20, Hospital Grade Plug, which will only plug into a special 115V, 20A amp outlet

Packaging Content

  • Mettler ME 6L Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Stainless Steel Cover
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Basket
  • Power Cord
  • Owner's Manual

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