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Riester Ri Vision 3.5V XL Slit Retinoscope Diagnostic Set w/C Battery Handle, 2 Lithium Batteries, 3794.001

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Riester Ri Vision 3.5V XL Slit Retinoscope Diagnostic Set w/C Battery Handle, 2 Lithium Batteries, 3794.001
BrandRiester Diagnostics
Product CodeRST3794-001
AvailabilityDropships from Manufacturer
ConditionNew with Manufacturer's Warranty
MSRP : $0.00
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Product Description

The Riester ri-vision with Slit Retinscope is a kit of the ri-scope retinoscope with silt lamp and the riester ophthalmoscope L2. Included with this kit are two fixation cards for dynamic retinoscopy and two spare lamps. The battery handle is a Type C with rheostat for 2 Li batteries and uses the XL 3.5 V lamp.

The ri-scope retinoscope (skiascope) measures the refractive power of the eye. Refractive flaws, such as near- and far-sightedness, as well as astigmatism can be detected and diagnosed. The slit-light retinoscope with a light beam in the form of a line, simplifies detection and diagnosis of astigmatic refractive flaws. The reflex in the form of a line is moved vertically to the axis across the pupils of the patient with a slight oscillating movement. A shadow moves in the same or opposite direction. Co-movement (plus lines): The patient is far-sighted. Countermovement (minus lines): The patient is nearsighted.

All ri-scope L ophthalmoscopes with modular design impress with their high-performance optics with aspherical condenser lens with reduced-reflection view even with small pupils and through improved ergonomics. The ri-scope L2 is the enhanced basic model with separately engageable red-free, blue and polarization filters for each aperture.

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  • With Xenon 3.5-V xenon lamp
  • Easy to operate with knurled thumb screw. The line and spot image can be focussed with the controls and turned 360 degree, angle read-out displayed on the integrated scale.
  • Holder for hanging and placement of the fixation card into position for dynamic retinoscopy.
  • Delivered with two fixation cards. The patient's eye can adjust optimally to the distance to the retinoscope.
  • Integrated eyeglass protection.
  • Bayonet fitting for quick and secure attachment to the handle.
  • Dust-proof, very sturdy and light casing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • Bulbs can be quickly replaced at the base of the instrument head.

Packaging Content

  • Ri-scope retinoscope with slit lamp
  • Ophthalmoscope L2
  • Two fixation cards for dynamic retinoscopy
  • Two spare lamps included
  • Plastic Carry Case

Warranty / Return Policy

2 Years Warranty from the Manufacturer

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