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Riester Vet-de Lux I Plug-in Handle Veterinary Diagnostic Set, 3873

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Riester Vet-de Lux I Plug-in Handle Veterinary Diagnostic Set, 3873
BrandRiester USA
Product CodeRST-3873
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ConditionBrand New
MSRP : $1,422.43
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Product Description

Riester Vet-de Lux I Plug-in Handle Veterinary Diagnostic Set, 3873

The Riester 3873 Veterinary Diagnostic Set is a reliable veterinary instrument kit suitable for larger animals and ideal for use in veterinary clinics and veterinary practices. Riester instruments for veterinary medicine guarantee outstanding quality and the utmost ease in handling. The Vet Diagnostic Set is diversified and offers many options for use in veterinary practice and veterinary clinics, with veterinary instruments available for every type of examination.

Each Riester Vet De Luxe I Diagnostic Set includes a veterinary operation otoscope, ophthalmoscope, tongue blade holder, nasal speculum, three metal specula, and two slotted metal specula, as well as, three spare lamps, and a plug-in handle with rheostat rechargeable Li-on battery. All sets are supplied with a deluxe hard case with safety catches.

The Veterinary Instrument Set has a Ri-Scope Veterinary Operation Otoscope with 2.5-fold magnification swivel lens. The moveable, slotted speculum holder can be locked in any position. The Veterinary Otoscope features an open design for unrestrained use in examinations and operations. A bayonet fitting provides fast and secure attachment to the handle. Fast exchange of the lamp is conveniently made at the front of the otoscope. The all-metal operation, Otoscope allows for a long service life. Reusable Specula for the Ri-Scope Operation Otoscopes are high quality, made of chrome-plated, corrosion-free metal. Standard disinfection procedures apply for sterilization of the specula. The Metal Specula feature matt inner surfaces reducing the risk of reflections during examinations. The slotted specula have an optimum instrument guide provided by special edges on the specula opening.

The Ri-Scope L Ophthalmoscope L1 features a diopeter wheel with 29 corrective lenses including Plus 1-10, 12,15,20,40 and Minus 1-10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35. The Ri-Scope L Ophthalmoscope L1 offers an easy to operate aperture hand wheel with semi circle and a small/medium/large circle fixation star. The Riester Opthalmoscope L1 features Slit style light beam and a red free filter with contrast enhancing effects. Riester ophthalmoscopes are dust-proof with parallel beam paths and optimized high-performance optics with an aspherical condenser lens.

Veterinary Diagnostic Sets by Riester are equipped with the Ri-Scope F.O. Tongue Blade Holder and a Ri-Scope F.O. Nasal Speculum. Riester Tongue Blade Holders and Nasal Speculums are designed with a high-quality, fiber-optics light wave conductor for an optimum light beam and transmission of light. The fiber optics light wave conductor creates a cool examination light similar to daylight. Both the Riester Tongue Blade Holder and the Nasal Speculum feature a bayonet fitting allowing for fast and secure attachment to the handle. The Ri-Scope Nasal Speculum conveniently offers slow and controlled expansion by turning the screw adjuster. Riester Nasal Speculum features swivel and removable lens with 2.5-fold magnification. The Nasal Speculum casing is impact-resistant and made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic for durability. Tongue Blade Holders offer slide attachment for fixing and detaching wooden tongue depressors for a firm hold. The Riester Tongue Blade Holder is supported by sturdy, light casing made of ABS plastic for a long service life. Tongue Blade Holders and Nasal Speculums lamps are easy to change by switching the lamp from the base of the instrument head.

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  • Operation otoscope (veterinary), XL 3.5 V xenon lamp
  • L1 Ophthalmoscope, XL 3.5 V xenon lamp
  • Tongue depressor holders, XL 3.5 V xenon lamp
  • F.O. Nasal speculum, XL 3.5 V xenon lamp
  • Three metal specula, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • Two metal specula, slotted, 7.5mm, 9.4mm
  • Three spare lamps
  • Plug-in handle with rheostat, rechargeable Li-on battery (Ri-Accru) L 3.5V (included)
  • Deluxe hard case with safety catches

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