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LW Scientific Lumin™ Epi-Fluorescence LED Illumination Module (FITC)

LW Scientific Lumin™ Epi-Fluorescence LED Illumination Module (FITC)
BrandLW Scientific
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Product Description

LW Scientific Lumin™ Epi-Fluorescence LED Illumination Module (FITC)

With integrated LED technology for fluorescence microscopy LW Scientific’s new Epi Lumin Fluorescence offers superior clarity. Safe, compact, and easy-to-install on many existing infinity microscopes, the Epi Lumin Module represents a breakthrough in providing affordable fluorescence advances to laboratories worldwide. Try the Epi Lumin Module and experience unparalleled optical quality at an unbeatable price.

  • LED long-life light source provides extremely bright, reliable fluorescence
  • Excitation cube: FITC standard (other cubes available upon request)
      • Excitation: 485 nm
      • Emission: 510 nm

    LW Scientific EPI-Lumin Illumination Module Configurations
    Part No Description
    i4P-EPiL-485N LUMIN FITC Epi-Module for i4 scope - LED 485nm excite, 510nm
    M5P-EPiL-485N LUMIN FITC Epi-Module for Mi-5 scope - LED 485nm excite, 510nm
    NKN-EPiL-485N LUMIN FITC Epi-Module for Nikon - LED 485nm excite, 510nm
    OLY-EPiL-485N LUMIN FITC Epi-Module for Olympus CX. LED 485nm excite, 510nm

    LW Scientific EPI-Lumin Module LW Scientific EPI-Lumin Module Product Brochure
  • Features

    • Easy to install
    • Lifetime bulb
    • Bulb never needs alignment
    • Safe illumination—no harmful UV emissions
    • No darkroom required
    • Crystal-clear optics surpass expensive
    • alternatives
    • Works with many existing infinity microscopes


      • Height: 2“ (50.8 mm)
      • Length: 5.3“ (134.6 mm)
      • Width: 3.1” (78.7 mm)
      • Weight: 1 lbs ( 0.5 kg)

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