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Bistos Infant Warmer w/Infrared Heating, Color LCD Display, BT-550

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Bistos Infant Warmer w/Infrared Heating, Color LCD Display, BT-550
BrandBistos America
Product CodeBT-550
Ringer Pole
IV Plate
Lifting Stand
Weighing Scale
Resuscitation (O2 Supply)
Tilt Option
AvailabilityUsually ships in 4-6 weeks
ConditionBrand New
MSRP : $5,302.59
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Product Description

Bistos Infant Warmer w/Infrared Heating, Color LCD Display, BT-550

Bistos Infant Warmer w/Infrared Heating, Color LCD Display, BT-550. The Bistos BT-550 Infant Warmer is intended to emit controlled, evenly distributed overhead heat to the body of premature infant and other new-borns who can not effectively regulate their body temperature This unit can be comfortably used on infants right before any treatment or operation.

The BT-550 has two operating functions as "Baby Mode and "Manual Mode" In Baby Mode, the warmer temperature is controlled by baby's skin temperature. If the babys skin tempretaure is lower than the set temperature, system automatically increases the warmer temperature to the set level to keep the baby at the set warmth all the time. In "Manual Mode", the system can be set as desired. The BT-550 also has the optional weighing and SpO2 monitoring functionalities.

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  • Servo temperature control (Manual, Baby, Pre-warm mode)
  • Swivel head and X-rays tray for other procedure
  • Tilting mattress for Trendelenburg treatment
  • Easy removable side walls for easy access and cleaning
  • APGAR timer for 1, 5, 10 minutes
  • LED Examination light for 3 level brightness


Model BT-550
Category Infant Warmer
Temperature Control Mode Pre-warm/Baby/Manual
Skin Temp. Control 34-38C
Measurement 26 - 42 0.3C
Heater Type Infrared
Power 0 - 100% / 20 Level
Control 600W
Life Time 5,000 Hour
Rotation 90
APGA Timer Setting 0 - 59 min. 59 sec.
Beep 1, 5, 10 min.
Examination Power 40W LED (10W x 4)
Control 3 Level
Illumination > 7,000 lx
Scale * (Optional) Measurement 0 - 10Kg 10g
Masimo SpO2 * (Optional) Measurement 1 - 100%
Accuracy 3% (70-100%)
Unspecified (0~69%)
Pulse Rate Range 25 - 240bpm 3bpm
Bed Tilt* (Optional) < 15
Tray 80 x 49 x 2cm
X-Ray Tray 35 x 40 cm
Lifting Stand * (Optional) Height 65 - 85 cm
IV Plate * (Optional) Load Limit 11kg
IV Pole * (Optional) Hook 2 Hook
Basket * (Optional) Load Limit 10kg
Shelf * (Optional) Load Limit 3kg
Oxygen Delivery * (Optional) Regulator, Humidifier, Bracket
General Display 7 TFC Color LCD
Alarm 6 Events (Visual & Sound)
Self Test Power On
Leveler Bubble type
Dimensions Standard (HWD) 1,890 x 1,027 x 690 mm
With Lifting (H) 1,780 - 1,980 mm
Weight Standard Configuration 83kg
Full Configuration 98kg
Warranty Main Unit 2 Years

Packaging Content

  • BT-550 Infant Warmer Main Unit
  • Temp sensor x 2,
  • X-ray tray,
  • Fixed Stand,
  • Mattress

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