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Benchmark Scientific Incubator Shakers

Incubator shakers, as understood from its name, are incubators that can be set to shake at variable speeds. The incubator shakers are the laboratory equipment that are used in cell biology studies. Incubator shakers incubate the cell cultures by providing stable temperature conditions under which the cells can grow. Inside the incubator shaker is a tray that moves in a circular motion, onto which the cell cultures are placed. This orbital agitation is used to affect the growth of the cell cultures. Benchmark Scientific incubator shakers in today's lab market that are available in two different sizes and most importantly, with affordable prices. The Benchmark Scientific IncuShaker Mini H1000-M and the IncuShaker 10L, H1010 can perform at a variable speed of 30-300rpm and generate a temperature from 5C-60C. Find them all here. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-822 3336 or by email at
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