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Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel, 8oz/0.25lt Case of 12, 902101

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Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel, 8oz/0.25lt Case of 12, 902101
BrandWallach Surgical Devices
Product CodeWLC-902101
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*This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer
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Product Description

Ultrasound gel is a type of conductive medium that is used in ultrasound diagnostic techniques and treatment therapies. It is placed on the patientís skin at the beginning of the ultrasound examination or therapy. The transducer, which is the device used to send and receive sound waves, is then placed on top of it. Ultrasound gel is also used with a fetal Doppler, which can be employed to allow parents and doctors to listen to the heart beat of an unborn child. The Wallach Aquasonic is a water based ultrasonic gel and comes in a case of 24/8oz bottles.

Many doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other facilities use ultrasound technology for diagnostic purposes. It works by passing sound waves into a personís body. Once there, they donít remain for long. Instead, they bounce off the organ or other part of the body the doctors are trying to view. The sound waves then move back through the transducer, and they are ultimately analyzed by a computer, which allows the analyzed sound waves to be viewed on a monitor or even printed out for doctor or patient use.

The Wallach Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel 902101 comes as a case of 8oz/0.25lt 12 bottles.

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